Kevser Ugurlu is a Sydney-based visual artist.

She was born and raised in Turkey. She has been captivated by art in her early teen years followed by education in her hometown.

​Experimenting with the fundamental basics of art education, especially sketching of human figures and watercolors with other mediums, gave her a large scale to work on.However, she did not follow this path and chose a  career in different areas  in Japan.She also gained experience in designing.  She designed many logos, posters, illustrations of books.  some books more than painting.


​After a hiatus of many years and  new life by moving to Australia, she returned to her first love- painting, and drawings. She is grateful for the institutions, mentors, and many talented individuals who have supported her growth as an artist. Kevser lives in Sydney, a beautiful city surrounded by coves, beaches, and green nature.

The city scene and streets are full of enjoyments with art and galleries. That gives her so much inspiration and motivation to create new artworks. 

You will see  that her works are painted by watercolor as a medium. From dancing, vibrating, light-filled passages to richly colored transparent dark, cascading wet washes to staccato to dry brush effects make this medium incomparable for her.No excuse and no miss of the transparency feature of it pushes her up, too.

Reflecting on her experiences of living in different cities such as Istanbul, Tokyo, and Sydney, informs and inspires her so much. Highly interested in people’s relationship, connection to the cities and conveying a sense of place. The colors symbolically build a dialogue and express the diverse, often surprising character of living, whether it be restful and comforting or chaotic.



  • Gallipoli Art Prize Finalist 2022  / Sydney,Australia

  • Group Exhibition 2021 /The Leo Kelly Blacktown Art Center / Sydney,Australia

  • Collective Exhibition 2021 / Burgas, Bulgaria

  • Group Show 2021 / Istanbul, Turkey

  • Group Exhibition 2021 / Denizli, Turkey

  • Duo Exhibition 2003 / Setagaya Art Museum / Tokyo, Japan