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Artist Statement:

I am in love with paint, exploring the interplay of colours and forms within objects, and inviting emotional

connections through my artistic expression. My works reflect diverse life experiences in cities like Istanbul,

Tokyo, and Sydney, with a keen focus on exploring people's relationships, their connection to urban environments,

and capturing the essence of the place. I view my paintings as an opportunity to draw attention to the basic commonalities

that make us human.


Kevser Ugurlu is based in Sydney, Australia, with her artistic journey rooted in her upbringing in Turkey.  

From an early age, she was drawn to the world of art, exploring the fundamental principles through sketching

human figures and experimenting with watercolours and various mediums during her education in her hometown.

Although she initially pursued a different career path in Japan, where her skills in design, creating logos, posters, and

illustrations for books, Kevser eventually circled back to her true passion after a hiatus of many years in Japan and

a new life by moving to Australia, she returned to her first love- painting, and drawing. ​

Facilitator of various watercolour workshops in groups and private classes.

Exhibitions and Awards:

  • Community artist for enviro graphics art in health project for Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct 2023 / Sydney

  • Waverley Woollahra Art School 9×5 Landscape Prize Finalist  2023 / Sydney

  • Winner of LAS Art Prize in Watercolour Category at Casula Powerhouse Art Centre 2022 / Sydney

  • Waverley Woollahra Art School 9×5 Landscape Prize Finalist  2022 / Sydney

  • Gallipoli Art Prize Finalist 2022  / Sydney

  • Smart Bin Public Art Project with Blacktown City Council 2021 / Sydney

  • Group Exhibition 2021 / The Leo Kelly Blacktown Art Center / Sydney

  • Collective Exhibition 2021 / Bulgaria

  • Group Show 2021 / Turkey

  • Group Exhibition 2021 / Turkey

  • Duo Exhibition 2003 / Setagaya Art Museum / Japan

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